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[导读]:  通常在矿区河沙干燥机是应用广泛的设备之一,通常具有干燥效率高,操作方便,主要由桶,齿轮的大小,和放电系统,进料板、电机、传动系统和
  Usually in the mining area, river sand dryer is one of the most widely used equipment, usually with high drying efficiency, easy operation, mainly by the size of barrels, gears, and discharge system, feeding plate, motor, transmission system and other parts, including the drier's transmission system is an important component, if you want to achieve long-term safe and efficient drying, so the transmission device is an efficient and stable. Through the research of experts, it is found that the drives can work better for river sand dryer only if they satisfy the following conditions. Here, a brief description is given.
  1. Because the Hesha dryer itself adopts a low-speed rotating system, but the relative speed of the transmission device is faster, so the deceleration value of the transmission part is larger. Users should choose the appropriate equipment deceleration configuration.
  2. Hesha dryer is a kind of equipment with large volume. The gear running at low speed will form larger circumferential force. Therefore, the speed ratio of large parts should be paid attention to in the transmission device to meet the requirements.
  3. Hesha dryer should not only overcome the friction between gears and bearings, but also realize the inertial impact between cylinders and materials, and try to choose the configuration of large torque motor.
  4. 原料成熟料过程中所实现的物理机械反应会随着材料性能的变化而变化,因此要求设备转速与变化和波动相匹配是合适的。
  4. The physical and mechanical reactions realized in the process of raw material maturation will change with the change of material properties, so it is appropriate to require the rotational speed of equipment to match the change and fluctuation.
  Sand mold dryer enjoys high reputation in the whole drying market and has a broad market development. With the development of economy, the original dryer can not meet the production needs of various industries. Zhengzhou sand mold dryer came into being in this situation.
  The structure of the improved sand dryer is perfect, and the goal of reducing pollution, consumption, impact and noise is achieved. At the same time, the best environmental protection performance of the sand dryer is realized. And it has good noise reduction effect, creating a good operating environment for many users. Environmental protection dry sand machine also requires users to increase the intensity of equipment testing, and timely maintenance, so that equipment in normal daily operation.
  The inner, middle and outer barrels of sand dryer form a well-insulated structure mode. The unique heat dissipation design principle prevents the wind tunnels from being produced, reduces the heat consumption accordingly, increases the heat exchange space appropriately, and effectively evaporates the intensity of the unit, has good energy-saving advantages, and strict policies are in line with the establishment of an environment-friendly society in China. Whether the latest equipment can replace the original equipment?
  In addition, the dryer has also selected components with better environmental strength, which have low vibration and noise in the operation of the equipment, such as hydraulic hammer instead of diesel hammer noise; the original vibration equipment uses impact part instead of vertical transmission part, so it not only improves the drying results, but also has little impact on the surrounding environment, and can be widely used in construction, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. Industry is an energy-saving, perfect performance, thoughtful equipment quality.

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