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[导读]:  用于低温焦化的干砂机的低温焦化通常发生在点火开始时。 在点火之前,必须先筛分并干燥新的炉子。 将细砂放入炉中后,应预先打开鼓风
  用于低温焦化的干砂机的低温焦化通常发生在点火开始时。 在点火之前,必须先筛分并干燥新的炉子。 将细砂放入炉中后,应预先打开鼓风机以观察风量和沸腾情况。 同时,仔细观察波纹管表面细砂沸腾是否均匀,即观察罩的通风孔是否有障碍物。 如果煮沸效果不佳,则表明在安装过程中,发动机罩的泥浆堵塞了发动机罩的出口。 必须先小心地将其逐一卸下,然后才能点燃。 如果发生低温焦化,则必须将“火舌”或“火块”压碎并用铁锹均匀地撒上。 如果有大的“焦炭块”,则必须迅速将其从炉中取出。 这种焦化易于处理,只要及时进行处理,通常不会影响生产。
  The low-temperature coking of the dry sand machine for low-temperature coking usually occurs at the beginning of ignition. Before ignition, the new furnace must be screened and dried. After the fine sand is put into the furnace, the blower shall be turned on in advance to observe the air volume and boiling. At the same time, carefully observe whether the fine sand boiling on the surface of the bellows is even, that is, observe whether there is any obstacle in the ventilation hole of the hood. If the boiling effect is not good, it indicates that the outlet of the engine hood is blocked by the mud of the engine hood during the installation. It must be carefully removed one by one before ignition. In case of low-temperature coking, the "tongue of fire" or "fire block" must be crushed and spread evenly with a spade. If there is a large "coke lump", it must be removed from the furnace quickly. This kind of coking is easy to deal with. As long as it is dealt with in time, it will not affect the production.
  此外,必须严格控制干燥机设备的粒径(<7MM)和湿度(含水量30%)。 同时,必须将未燃烧的大块用于点火的木材迅速从炉子中取出,并将小块用铁铲压碎。 只有这样,我们才能真正地将风,火,煤和矿渣结合起来,使沸腾床形成良好的沸腾,从而防止结焦的发生。 否则,大块柴火会阻碍正常的风向,在柴火周围形成“火舌”或“火块”。  “火舌”或“火块”的形成标志着干燥机设备开始低温焦化。
  In addition, the particle size (< 7mm) and humidity (30% moisture content) of the dryer equipment must be strictly controlled. At the same time, unburned large pieces of wood for ignition must be quickly removed from the furnace and the small pieces crushed with a shovel. Only in this way can we really combine wind, fire, coal and slag to form a good boiling bed and prevent coking. Otherwise, a large block of firewood will block the normal wind direction and form a "tongue of fire" or "fire block" around the firewood. The formation of "fire tongue" or "fire block" marks the beginning of low-temperature coking of dryer equipment.
  沙粒干燥机计划清楚地了解到分层是由以下原因引起的:1.滚筒2,前辊环3,后辊环4,齿轮5,停止辊6,拖动辊7,小齿轮8和卸料。  10.减速器11,电动机12,热风管道13,进料斜槽14,炉体等略有组成。 砂子通过皮带输送机或斗式提升机送至料斗,然后通过进料管线通过料斗进入进料端。 进料管的倾斜度大于物料的自然倾角,因此物料可以平稳地流入砂型干燥机(黄色砂型干燥机)中。
  The sand dryer plan clearly understands that stratification is caused by the following reasons: 1. Roller 2, front roller ring 3, rear roller ring 4, gear 5, stop roller 6, drag roller 7, pinion 8 and unloading. 10. Reducer 11, motor 12, hot air pipe 13, feed chute 14, furnace body, etc. The sand is sent to the hopper through the belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enters the feeding end through the hopper through the feeding pipeline. The inclination of the feed pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material, so the material can flow smoothly into the sand dryer (yellow sand dryer).
  干燥筒是一个旋转筒,它相对于水平方向略微倾斜。 材料从高端进入热载体,并从下端进入与材料的逆流接触。 然后,热载体和材料一起流入圆柱体。 圆柱体后面的物料在重力作用下移动到下端。
  The drying cylinder is a rotating cylinder, which is slightly inclined with respect to the horizontal direction. The material enters the heat carrier from the high end, and enters the countercurrent contact with the material from the lower end. Then, the heat carrier and the material flow into the cylinder together. The material behind the cylinder moves to the lower end by gravity.
  在湿物料向前运动期间使湿物料直接或直接获得,以使湿物料单调,然后在排出端通过皮带输送机或螺旋输送机送出。 在沙粒干燥机(黄色沙粒干燥机)中,滚筒的内壁配有复印板。 它的功能是复制和撒布物料,以增加物料与气流的接触面,以提高单调速率并推动物料移动。 热载体通常被分类为热空气,烟道气等。 在热载体通过单调器之后,通常需要旋风分离器来收集气体中包含的材料。 如果要进一步减少废气中的粉尘含量,还应在通过布袋除尘器或湿式集尘器后将其排出。
  Make the wet material directly or directly obtained during the forward movement of the wet material, so as to make the wet material monotonous, and then send it out through the belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end. In the sand dryer (yellow sand dryer), the inner wall of the drum is equipped with a copy board. Its function is to copy and distribute materials, so as to increase the contact surface between materials and air flow, so as to increase the monotonic rate and promote the movement of materials. Heat carrier is usually classified as hot air, flue gas, etc. After the heat carrier passes through the monotone, a cyclone is usually required to collect the material contained in the gas. If the dust content in the exhaust gas is to be further reduced, it shall also be discharged after passing through the bag filter or wet dust collector.
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