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[导读]:  干燥机是一种能干燥多种物料,操作简单可靠的干燥机。干燥机运行可靠、适应性强、处理量大,广泛应用于冶金、建材、食品、轻工、化工、
  The dryer is a simple and reliable dryer which can dry many kinds of materials. The dryer is reliable, adaptable and has large capacity. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine, mining and other industries. This is widely used. It is very popular with users. In order to make the dryer safer to use, the following maintenance work is carried out:
  1. 工作前检查运动部件、轴承、输送带、三角带是否损坏或损坏,如有不合适的部件及时修理或更换。
  1. Check whether the moving parts, bearings, conveyor belts and triangular belts are damaged or damaged before work. If there are inappropriate parts, repair or replace them in time.
  2. Lubrication and maintenance, hot air every 100 hours, cold air every 400 hours to supplement lubricating oil. The motor should be repaired and replaced every 1000 hours. Each shift maintains elevator and conveyor bearings and lubricants.
  3. Maintenance of vulnerable parts: bearing, bearing seat, lifting bucket, lifting bucket screw is easy to loosen, maintenance should be frequent. Connecting buckles of conveyor bearings and belts should be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts should be maintained regularly. Pay attention to the safety of tower top maintenance.
  4. Seasonal replacement and maintenance. Keep the dryer every season. The dryer should clean up the debris of the internal air duct. The elevator should be loosely tensioned. The fan should clean up the adhesion of the blade. The heat exchanger of the hot air furnace should clean up the ash of the sedimentation pool and clean up the pipeline. Speed-regulating motor speed-regulating meter back to zero standby.
  5. If the dryer is operating outdoors, corresponding measures must be taken to prevent rain and snow. The whole dryer should be maintained and overhauled on a large scale every year and protected by spraying paint every two years.
  The invention relates to an energy-saving dryer suitable for drying dehydrated materials in large quantities, continuously and extensively. It consists of head, drying section, tail, mesh belt, transmission device, air inlet, air outlet, fan, heat source equipment, conveying equipment, etc. The working principle is that the average ceramic tile mesh belt (or chain plate), mesh belt, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation performance of high-quality mesh belt, mesh belt are driven by a drier to install dryer, and the clean and stable material moves back and forth through the air between them, and the water vapor discharged is in the dehumidification hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The linear velocity of mesh belt depends on the type of material and moisture content. Negative pressure and porous air intake are adopted to ensure effective drying area and average air velocity to distribute air flow, so as to improve drying effect.
  It is an ideal drying and dewatering equipment for stopping agricultural by-products, Chinese herbal medicine, fruit slices, tea, cereals, vegetables and other materials, which is different from traditional soil drying, oven and drying room. Because the drive belt is meshy, regular or irregular block or strip drying, such as coal, various powdery balls, aquatic products are also more suitable. The mesh belt dryer is sensitive in configuration and can be used with other equipments or separately.

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